Designing with Forces

Balance your drinking with our Van Der Luxe wine holders. Beautifully defying the laws of physics.
Our mission was to create uniquely attractive, functional art that incorporated the natural aesthetics and usability of the worlds forces.


The chain was one of our first designs, pioneering the innovative look featured in our wine holders. With the bottle inserted, the balance will hold perfectly steady giving an intriguing and modern look to any setting.
  • Genuine Stainless Steel Chain


The rope is a playful, yet modern and intriguing work of art. With perfect balance and functionality it gives your dinner, bar or lounge setting a sleek and unique touch of innovation.
  • Genuine Rope Material



Our mission was to find something which combined the forces of nature to create beauty in design and functionality. The Pilar was one of the first iras we came with but through much further and in-depth designing, this is what came out as a wonderfully sleek and functional artwork.